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We no longer offer this service.

Thank you everyone for having supported this journey!


by Bar Uerukamu

Our food.  Your home.  No hassle.

Weekly subscription of 5 meals, delivered to your door.

Now available with Sake Upgrade!


Dinner of Japanese healthy comfort food for 5 days

Free weekly delivery to your door

Only $119 a week per person

*Limited to 20 servings every week


*All images here are for reference purposes only and may differ from the actual product.

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What is it? How does it work?

We understand it's a hassle to order takeout food every day, or avoid contacts at a grocery store. With this "Weekly Meal Delivery", once a week we will deliver packaged dinner for 5 days, so there is one less thing to worry about for you. You can sign up for subscription or order for a single week by Thursday, and we will deliver everything on Sunday. All you need to do is to heat up the food each day.

What would I get?

You will get 5 meals. Each meal consists of 3 small-to-medium dishes, separately vacuum-packaged, and a packet of miso soup. We offer packaged rice pack as add-on for $1 each. (Some want to eat freshly cooked rice, which we understand!) It will come with a complete menu for the week, but if you feel like switching things around, you totally can!

[*NOTE: Since we have to adjust to the ever-changing distribution and logistics, please understand we cannot offer the menu in advance. This service might not be best suited for anyone with a severe / wide range of allergies.]


Hamburg Steak demi-glace + Gobo Root Kinpira + Simmered Pumpkin

What is "Sake Upgrade"?

We are a sake bar, and would never want to stop spreading the love of sake! Anyone who orders Weekly Meal Delivery can upgrade it for $50 more to get a 24oz bottle of sake! One bottle is about 5 or 6 glasses, so that's less than $35 for a full meal with a glass of sake. (Not too bad huh?) It will be a sake of our choice from our lineup -- but you can let us know if you have a preference and we'll do our best to find the sake you'll love!

How can I order? Is it a subscription or is it a single order?

Both! You can order for a single week, or you can sign up for subscription so that you don't have to remember ordering every week*. But don't worry, you can cancel at any time. Please click the ORDER NOW button to jump to this order site. Add rice or "Sake Upgrade" if you wish, and make a payment by credit card. You are welcome to order multiple servings for one household. 

[*NOTE: Please understand that the subscription will discontinue once we reopen for outside dining.

Would you deliver to my area?

We deliver to a wide area in Los Angeles - from the valley to Torrance to Downtown. If you live outside our guaranteed delivery area, please contact us before you order.

When should I make an order?

Short answer - by Thursday 9PM. Long answer - We take orders by 2 methods; subscription base and single-week orders. For subscription, once you sign up for it, we will process the payment every Friday and delivery to you on Sunday. For single-week orders, please complete your order by THURSDAY 9PM to get the delivery for the following week. We'll get in touch about the delivery schedule. We deliver on Sundays. We limit the servings to 20 each week on a first-come first-served basis.

Hmm I'm still confused...

No worries! This is as irregular for us as for you. Please feel free to message us directly!

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Recommended if...

- you are tired of ordering food on delivery apps

- you are busy with work and home chores, and have no time to cook

- you want to send a care package to your loved one

- you are tired of all the cooking (no judgement)

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