*We no longer offer this service. A big thank you to all the customers who we had a pleasure of serving!!

W E E K L Y    O K A Z U    S E T

Our food.  Your schedule.  No hassle.

NO NEED to go to the grocery stores.

NO NEED to stare at the delivery service app.

NO NEED to cook. period.

Dinner of Japanese comfort food for 5 days

Free delivery to your door

Only $109 a week per person

*Limited to 20 servings every week

*All images here are for reference purposes only and may differ from the actual product.


What is it? How does it work?

We understand it's a hassle to go to grocery shopping these days. We also understand there is a long wait if you decide to order food at the end of the day. With this "Weekly Okazu Set", we will deliver packaged dinner for 5 days, all cooked by us, so there is one less thing to worry about for you throughout the week. ("okazu" means main or side dishes for a meal.) You order by Friday noon, and we will delivery everything on Monday daytime. It will come with our suggested menu of each full meal. All you need to do is to heat up the food. Done. It's that easy. 

What would I get?

You will get 5 meal packages. Each package consists of 2 to 3 small-to-medium dishes, separately packaged, and a packet of miso soup per meal. We offer packaged rice pack as add-on for $1 each. (Many want to eat freshly cooked rice, which we get!) You will receive our suggested menu that are healthy and well-balanced. But if you feel like meat on a particular Wednesday evening, don't shy away! Almost all dishes are properly packaged to last for a week, so you have freedom to switch things around. Have fun! (NOTE: since we have to adjust to the commodity distribution and logistics under the current situation, please understand we cannot list up each dish on the menu in advance.)


Hamburg Steak (Heatable) + Gobo Root Kinpira + Simmered Pumpkin

How can I order?

Please go to the Online Ordering page on our website, and click "Weekly Service" in the categories on the left, then order "Weekly Okazu Set". The form does not give you an option to bypass the pickup (including "pick the time for pickup") but you can be assured we will deliver on Monday daytime. Or you can contact us directly :) You can order multiple servings per household. (NOTE: Please do not click single menu orders from "Limited Takeouts" category)

Would you deliver to my area?

We deliver to a wide area in Los Angeles - from the valley to Downtown or Torrance. Please click this delivery map to check your area.

When should I make an order?

Please note that we deliver this only on Mondays. In order for us to get sufficient ingredients, please make an order by FRIDAY NOON for order of the following week. Then we will deliver to you on Monday daytime. (For example, if you want the meals for April 13th to 17th, you can make an order by Friday April 10th. We will deliver it on Monday April 13th.) We make up to 20 servings each week on a first-come first-served basis.

What about lunch?

We are not offering full lunch & dinner set at this time. Please order from our fellow restaurants! We need each other to get through this.


For any other questions, please call / message / contact us directly!

Recommended if...

- you are busy with work and home chores, and have no time to cook

- you would rather avoid grocery stores

- you want to send a care package to your loved one

- you are tired from all the cooking (no judgement)

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